Wall Mounted Bathroom Hand Dryer FG2630


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Material: ABS plastic Noise Level: 72db@1m
Dry Time: 10-15S Waterproof:  IPX1
Air Speed: 100m/s Voltage: 220-240V / 50-60HZ
Rated Power: 1300W  Motor Type Brush


1.Quick Drying

The winds speed is about 100m/s, and hands can be dried in 10-15 seconds.

2.Lightweight Design

Lightweight, easy to install comparison with existing products(volume reduction 12%, weight reduction 16%), can switch over cold air and hot air.

3.Reduce Operation Costs

Cold and hot wind free switch, greatly reduce operation costs.

4.Antibacterial Resin Materials

Antibacterial filter and antibacterial resin keep machine clean.



Fashion classic appearance design, in line with the public aesthetic point of view

Small size does not take up toilet space




Lightweight Design

Lightweight,easy to install comparison with existing products(volume reduction12%,weight reduction 16%)





Built in filter can absorb impurities and protect hand dryer motor
Strong wind speed of 100m/s, which can quickly dry the water on the hand



20000 RPM carbon brush motor provides strong wind power for the machine

make hands to dry thoroughly in 10-15 seconds

Carbon brush life, continuous operation of 1200 hours

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