Automatic Electric Jet Hand Dryer FG9988H


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Material:  ABS Plastic Product Size: 321x184x617(mm)
Dry Time: 5-10s  Packing Size: 355x235x670(mm)
Air Speed: 40-110m/s(Brushless DC motor) G.W/N.W: 10.8kg/9.6kg
Rated Power: Rated Power:1000-1300W(Brushless DC motor) Noise Level: Min65 db to 78db @1m


*Innovative air outlet that throughly dry hands.

*Dual-color LED sensor indicator.

*Top half narrow design affords easy cleaning.

*Ceramic absorber, an innovative absorbent ceramic pad can absorb water rapidly

HEPA fIlter

*Perfume can be put to improve the air quality

*Anti-bacterial ABS plastic, our hand dryer has built-in anti-bacterial protection on its surface.

*Intelligent air speed adjustment and an heater on/off switch.


Innovative air outlet that throughly dry hands.

Three sides of high speed wind, wind speed can reach 115m/s, can quickly blow dry hand water droplets

Dual-color LED sensor indicator.

The wind speed can reach 115 M / s per second, and the high wind speed of the hand dryer can quickly blow off the water on the hand, so that the hand can dry in 10 seconds. It greatly improves the efficiency of the hand dryer, which is very suitable for places with large flow of people, such as shopping malls, stations, hospitals, restaurants, etc.

The unique water absorbing ceramic chip design can quickly absorb the water flowing into the hand dryer

At the same time, ceramics have the effect of rapid volatilization.

It greatly saves the water flowing into the water box, thus reducing the cost of manual maintenance.


High efficiency filter design at the hand dryer bottom, double HEPA filter 99.9% of the bactreria,provides absolute pure air

Generally, we suggest that the filter should be replaced every six months, which will be more hygienic

In the filter box, two positions are designed to place spices, which can make the wind from the hand dryer carry fragrance.

Water Box: At the bottom of the hand dryer, under the filter box

The function is to receive water drops from the water absorbing ceramic chip.

A small hole is designed on the hand dryer water box to connect the leather tube, if necessary



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