Double-sided air outlet Jet Hand Dryer FG2006H

  • The double-sided air jet hand dryer FG2006 is a classic-looking hand dryer. This hand dryer has been on the market for 20 years.
  • The ergonomically designed shape has been accepted by the majority of consumers.
  • With the same appearance, FG2006 hand dryer can produce two modes: brushless motor and brushed motor.
  • Advantages of brushed motors: cheap and cost-effective. reliable quality.
  • Disadvantages of brushed motor: the motor has a service life,  motor needs to be replaced for 1200 hours of continuous operation.
  • If a mall is used 500 times a day, each time is 10 seconds. The motor needs to be replaced after 864 days of evaluation.
  • Advantages of brushless motor: long service life, no need to consider motor life. reliable quality
  • Disadvantages of brushless appliances: the price will be more expensive.


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Material: Anti-bacterial ABS Plastic Product Size: 300x220x687(mm)
Dry Time: 7-10s Packing Size: 370x290x730(mm)
Air Speed: 95m/s N.W: 7.25kg(Brush motor) 9KG(Brushless motor)
Rated Power: 1650-1850W(Brushless DC motor)  1900W (Brush motor) Noise Level: 72db @1m






1. Super Fast Dry - The motor speed of the jet hand dryer FG2006 can reach 20,000 rpm, the wind speed of the air outlet can reach 90M/S, and the high-speed wind speed can quickly dry the water stains on the hands.

2. Hygiene - HEPA Filtration System has proven to remove 99.97% of potentially present bacteria at 0.3 microns from the air. It also features a removable drain tank on the bottom for easy cleaning and keeping the floor dry.

3. Classic Design - With a modern and sleek design, this commercial hand dryer will fit perfectly with your bathroom’s style. It's ideal for hotels, office buildings, restaurants, foodstuff plants, hospitals, gyms, malls etc.

4. Brushless Motor - Start stable and fast with a longer lifetime.

5. Long-lasting ABS - Durable ABS material provides long-term use. Resistant to chemicals, heat, and impact, easy to clean with a damp cloth.

6. Energy Efficient - Saving 85% energy than conventional hand dryer and 95% cost savings Vs. paper towels. Saves time, money and energy.


The wind speed of the hand dryer reaches 90 m / s, can quickly dry the water drops on the hand, so that the water drops on the hand can be dried in a short time, which improves the use efficiency of the hand dryer. It is suitable for places with large flow of people, such as hotels, restaurants, hospitals, supermarkets, etc.

Ergonomic, easy to use. Water droplets don't splash on clothes




24,000 RPM brushless motor, stable and eco, with lower noise and up to 10 years life span



800ml large capacity water box design, water droplets will not fall into the ground, keep the floor clean.

Plastic material: antibacterial ABS plastic, effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria



The bottom filter screen can effectively prevent objects from being sucked into the machine. Protect the internal system of the machine.




double HEPA filter 99.9% of the bactreria,provides absolute pure air


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