Stainless Steel Jet Hand Dryer For Bathroom FG2006 Brushless


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Rated Power: 2300W Product Size: 290x198625(mm)
Dry Time: 3-8s Packing Size: 360x300x730(mm)
Air Speed: 95m/s G.W./N.W.: 13.5kg/12.5kg
Color: Brushed Finishing,Polished Noise Level:  68db


HEPA cleaning instructions:

1) Unscrew the screw of the filter holder by hand until the screw is completely separated from the machine body;

2) Pinch the screw head by hand and pull it down (because of the filter, it is normal if you feel a little tight);

3) After the filter frame and filter are rotated 90° to the right, pull down the filter to clean or replace the filter;

4) When the filter is installed, tightening the filter to the bracket if you feel tight.

Water tank cleaning instructions:

1) Material of water tank is made of stainless steel

2) Before pulling out the water tank, gently press the water tank, the water tank will pop out about 3cm, then take out the water tank and make leaning and disinfecting.

3) Pushed it to the end before install the water tank


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The exterior design of stainless steel 304 metal texture is positioned in high-grade use of factories, airports, hotels, hospitals, etc. the stainless steel shell has the advantages of fire prevention, anti-collision, anti scratch, anti discoloration, easy cleaning and maintenance.




Hand dryer with high efficiency filter double HEPA filter 99.9% of the bactreria,provides absolute pure air

Generally, we suggest that the filter should be replaced every six months, which will be more hygienic



Hand dryer water box design, water droplets will not fall into the ground, keep the floor clean.
Transparent window design, can easily check the water level in the box, convenient for maintenance personnel to clean.



BATHROOM FG2006 Motor:

24,000 RPM brushless motor, stable and eco, with
lower noise and up to 10 years life span


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