Low Power Consumption Hand Dryer FG3605


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Drying Time: 7-10 seconds Shell Material: ABS Plastics
Total Power: 1000W Product Size 430x371x172(mm)
Heating Power: 500W Sensor Range: ≦12cm
Wind Speed of Outlet: 90m/s Net Weight: 3.8kg


1.Quick Drying- The winds speed is about 90m/s,and can be dried in about 7-10seconds.

2.Full Smart Touch- You can choose hand dry & hair dry mode as you like and wind speed & temperature can be adjusted.

3.Stainless Steel Outlet-The outlet is of patent design and material is stainless steel.

4.High Efficiency Particular Air Filter- Filtering 0.3 microns or less suspended particles in the air of 99.9% efficiency.


Anti-radiation Desian For Healthy Life
No radiation when dry hair
Influence of Electromagnetic Radiation
Difficult to fall asleep
Weak Hidrosis, Forgetfulness
Resistance drops
Inhibition of antibody formation
Fluctuation of blood pressure
Visual fatique
Chromosomal mutation
The risk of cancer is increased

Duct Suspension Free To Choose Left or Right


Patent Design Stainless Steel Outlet,Easy to connect


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