Stainless Steel Hand Dryer FG3600


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Material: Stainless Steel 304# Product Size: 269X215X375(mm)
Air Speed: >90m/s Carton Size: 460X330X420(mm)
Inductive Zone: 100-150mm Packing: 2PCS/CTN
Rated Power: 1400W N.W/G.W: 3.9kg/4.5kg


1.High efficiency, economical operation with easy maintenance.

2.Fast hand dryers fast drying hand in 7 seconds means less energy required and cost saving.

3.This best hand dryers contact-less drying hands means hygiene.

4. Water receiver: avoid wetting ground;

5.Stainless steel shell, easy to clean, to avoid cross-contamination hand dryers.

The exterior design of stainless steel 304 metal texture is positioned in high-grade use of factories, airports, hotels, hospitals, etc. the stainless steel shell has the advantages of fire prevention, anti-collision, anti scratch, anti discoloration, easy cleaning and maintenance.

6. Protection for over temperature and over current: Due to over temperature and over current multi-protection. for nickel-chromium heating wire with imported overheating protection, it is safer to operate.

7.Novel, luxurious & natural design to meet satisfaction of human engineering rules.

8.Environmentally Friendly, it can reduce the using of paper, so it can save more trees and protect the environment.



The thickness of stainless steel housing cover reaches 1.5mm to 2mm.

When the air temperature less than 25℃, the hand dryer work with heating system, if over 25℃, without heating.



Bulit-in Filter

Built with filter to purify intake air and give you clean air that is more healthy and environmentally friendly.



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