Stainless Steel Hand Dryer FG8086M

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Material Stainless steel 304 Product Size 275*200*230(mm)
Certifications CE, RoHS Packing Size 575*315*535(mm)
Air Speed 30m/s Packing 4pcs/ctn
Rated power 2300W G.W 5.2KG


Special Shell- 304 Stainless steel.

The exterior design of stainless steel 304 metal texture is positioned in high-grade use of factories, airports, hotels, hospitals, etc. the stainless steel shell has the advantages of fire prevention, anti-collision, anti scratch, anti discoloration, easy cleaning and maintenance.

- 1.2mm thickness.

This thickness makes the product more durable, stronger, and impact-resistant.

- High quality polishing.

Polishing can improve the fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance of the workpiece



- 360 degree rotating air outlet.

Featuring a nozzle that rotates 360° which allows a user to dry their hands, face and body using the dryer.

Strong wind, safe time, rapidly dry hands within 15-20 seconds;

- Tri-point inside for backplate and shell mounting.

- Six points mounting for motor bracket.

The whole installation is convenient and firm.

- Motoring plate  damping.

-Lighter weight with plastic backplate.



- Reliable grounding of the shell and air outlet.

-Plastic backplate.

Classic Style Hand Dryer

Classic looks are timeless and durable


Can rotate 360 degrees of the wind, blowing in different directions;

Strong wind, safe time, rapidly dry hands within 15-20 seconds;
Multiple protection for overtemperature and timeout, use more secure;




Classic Style Hand Dryer

Using infrared sensor, chip control technology, superior and stable performance;

#304 Stainless steel material1.2mm thickness.

High quality polishing.




Thermal safety protection.

Far more than 1200 hours continual life time.

Double high quality roller bearings for longer life time and better NVH performance.

EMC design.
Short circuit protection.
Lightning protection design.
High performance MCU.
High quality infrared sensor.
More than 3kW load power.


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