Automatic sensor soap dispenser
specific description:
1. Microcomputer infrared automatic soap dispenser, using precision integrated circuit technology, open refill interface, using intelligent infrared sensor, avoid hand contact, prevent cross-infection, use 4×1.5V dry battery, suitable for all kinds of soap ,detergent.
2. It can automatically receive the signal to turn on the switch of the soap dispenser when the person reaches out the hand, so that the work can spray soap or foam. There are two working modes: automatic setting time and random time when working. Many soap dispensers are in the form of supplying soap or foam at a set time. That is to say, when you reach for the soap or foam, the soap dispenser will automatically receive a signal and let the machine work, but the machine has a specified time, and the machine will automatically stop when the set time is reached.


soap dispenser


Adopt advanced human infrared sensor technology to automatically sense soap to avoid secondary cross-infection

Suitable for a variety of viscous liquids, such as hand sanitizer, detergent, disinfectant, sunscreen, etc.

The appearance design is exquisite and compact, which saves space and is also an exquisite household item.

Using 4 AA alkaline batteries, it can be used for about 1 year, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.


Use place
Soap dispensers are mainly used in star hotels, restaurants, hotels, public places, hospitals, airports, home furnishings, pharmaceuticals, food, chemicals, electronics, high-end office buildings, large shopping malls, large entertainment venues, large banquet halls, hot spring resorts, kindergartens, There are many types of soap dispensers for use in schools, banks, airport terminals, and homes. It can be divided into automatic soap dispenser, manual soap dispenser, and induction soap dispenser. For example, hotel soap dispensers are best to choose automatic or induction type, which is more convenient for guests, and also reflects the high-end of different occasions.

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Hope everyone can use the non-contact automatic sensor soap dispenser to wash their hands in public places as much as possible to protect the health of themselves and their families.



Post time: Jun-09-2021