Abs Automatic Sensor Oem Soap Dispenser Fg2019


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Specification Of Soap Disepenser

Voltage 6VDC or 4pcs of 2# dry battery One drop/Time 0.8ml
Capacity 1000ml Battery life 10000 drops/cycles or one year
Material ABS Plastic Certificate CE
Product Size 115*122*280(mm) Rated Power 3W


1. Hygiene—Wall Mounted Bathroom soap dispenser Automatic touchless infrared, More hygienic than manual soap dispenser.

2. Waterproof—soap dispenser inside All electronic components are sealed to keep away from water.The circuit board is treated with special waterproof and spray painting, which can effectively protect the important electronic components inside the soap dispenser

3. Antibacterial ABS plastic, we add antibacterial agent in ABS plastic, this effect can make ABS plastic shell has the ability to inhibit bacterial growth.

4. Soap dispenser nozzles can be customized, different soap dispenser nozzles are suitable for different liquids, and different effects can be achieved.

alcohol Spray nozzles can be applied to alcohol sprays, drip nozzles can be applied to alcohol gel, and foam nozzles can be applied to foam .

5. LED Indicator—Red for work and twinkling for low battery. The indicator light can remind the maintenance personnel to replace the liquid or battery in time, which is more intelligent.

6. Large capacity—1000ml liquid dispenser, easy to add. Large capacity soap dispenser can reduce the maintenance times of maintenance personnel.



Observable Transparent Window Design

Through the transparent window, Can observe the liquid volume in the soap dispenser bottle so that maintenance personnel can add liquid in time.




High Quality Materials

Fashionable and beautiful appearance, antibacterial ABS plastic that inhibits bacterial growth



Easy To Add Liquid

Open the soap dispenser stainless steel casing and open the lid of the kettle. can add the liquid directly.
Double protection, the kettle inside the machine will not be stolen.



Automatic Infrared Sensor

intelligent induction Non-Contact avoid cross infection.

Double protection, the kettle inside the machine will not be stolen.


Correct installation


Incorrect installation

Will cause no liquid


Incorrect installation

Will cause circuit board damaged and continuous work
Will cause no liquid


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