FG1001SP Paper Dispenser With Automatic Sensor Soap Dispense


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Brand Name: FEEGOO Main material: 304 stainless steel
capacity: 1000ML  Product Color: Bright silver
product model: square Surface treatment:  Brushed
Installation method: Wall mounted Application places: Hotels, schools, hospitals, etc




1. Hygiene—Wall Mounted Bathroom soap dispenser Automatic touchless infrared, More hygienic than manual soap dispenser.

2. soap dispenser Parts Independent-Container assembly and dispenser mechanism are 100% separable. So that mechanism is free from damage by soap. Economy-Only one drop of soap released from hand-free dispenser, control flow and avoid extravagance.

3. soap dispenser LED Indicator—Red for work and twinkling for low battery. The indicator light can remind the maintenance personnel to replace the liquid or battery in time, which is more intelligent.

4.soap dispenser Large capacity—1000ml liquid dispenser, easy to add. Large capacity soap dispenser can reduce the maintenance times of maintenance personnel.

5.It is more convenient for people to use it when it is combined with the paper box. After washing hands,  can directly use the paper in the paper box to wipe hands.

6.Hidden behind the mirror, it will not affect the beauty of the place of use, and improve the level of the place of use.

hidden mirror back drawer



The height can be adjusted up and down freely

Professional design, easy to use


hidden mirror back drawer




304 stainless steel

304# material will not rust, improve product quality.

hidden mirror back drawer


Easy To Add Liquid

Open the soap dispenser stainless steel casing and open the lid of the kettle. can add the liquid directly.
Double protection, the kettle inside the machine will not be stolen.

hidden mirror back drawer




Automatic Infrared Sensor

intelligent induction Non-Contact avoid cross infection.




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