2023 is China’s National Day, which is a very important holiday and also an important anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. ZHEJIANG FEEGOO TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD, as an Bathroom Products technology enterprise, also held a celebration in this year.

ZHEJIANG FEEGOO TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD is an Bathroom Products enterprise mainly engaged in research and development, production, and sales of high-tech products. The company relies on innovative technology and excellent quality to continuously promote China’s technological progress and economic development. As a socially responsible enterprise, Zhejiang Feigu Technology Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to the development of the country and actively participates in national celebrations.

In addition, ZHEJIANG FEEGOO TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD has also carried out a series of public welfare activities to actively give back to society. They organize employees to participate in community volunteer activities and care for the elderly and left behind children. At the same time, the company also donated money to schools in poverty-stricken areas to improve their teaching conditions. Through these activities, Zhejiang Feigu Technology Co., Ltd. hopes to drive more social forces and contribute to building a more harmonious and dynamic society.
As an important Bathroom Products technology enterprise, ZHEJIANG FEEGOO TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. not only focuses on its own development, but also actively pays attention to the overall development of the country. They have always been driven by innovation and are committed to contributing to the transformation and upgrading of the national economy. Celebrating National Day is not only a holiday, but also a recognition and review of the achievements made in national development, as well as expectations and aspirations for a better future.


Post time: Oct-01-2023