As everyone knows, the double-sided jet hand dryer is a sanitary appliance used to dry hands in the bathroom, while the continuously improved FEEGOO sixth-generation double-sided jet hand dryer, compared to traditional type. this new model hand dryer will be  more excellent in energy saving and sanitation, so they are very popular in public places.

1. High efficiency: able to dry quickly. Ordinary hand dryers usually take more than 25 seconds to dry hands, and the ECO9966 sixth-generation double-sided jet hand dryer uses a powerful double-sided jet airflow to  dry more quickly within 3-6 seconds. The high efficiency also avoids the situation of waiting in line for dry hand.

2. The material is both antibacterial and environmentally, the airway uses antibacterial design and the use of high-efficiency filter and ultraviolet germicidal lamp at the air inlet to promote clean and sterile air. Because there is no tray design, the water bottle often wets the ground or splashes on the person’s body, causing secondary pollution. The unique water tray design of the jet hand dryer can keep the floor clean and avoid the ground. Slip, as well as a touch-free hand dryer system provides the highest level of hygiene cleansing procedures.

3. High quality. There are many varieties of ordinary hand dryers, the quality is not enough, the appearance is also stingy, and the top configuration of the advanced bathroom is out of place, and the ECO9966 sixth-generation double-sided jet hand dryer not only has a streamlined elegant appearance, but also conforms to the human body. The scientific design makes the advanced bathroom into the ultimate perfect era.


Post time: Mar-18-2018