From the analysis, there are many contradictions in Chinese characters. For example, when we eat, we like to eat together. At a feast, chopsticks fight a dish plate, and spoons share a bowl of soup. But they don’t know the cross-spreading of bacteria that avoid saliva communication. A SARS made the Chinese people re-examine our eating habits, but after the scars are healed, the pain is forgotten. After SARS, this habit passed down from generation to generation is still deeply rooted. Compared with the intimacy at the dinner table, our social etiquette is subtle and restrained. Foreigners are accustomed to hugging and face-to-face salutes, but we mostly shake hands, some of which are neither salty nor bland.

In fact, experts pointed out that, like eating together, shaking hands is one of the important ways to spread germs, and the Chinese have all taken it.However, compared with more and more people who pay attention to dividing meals and pay attention to meal hygiene, the vast majority of Chinese people still disagree with hand hygiene.Did not pay attention. The latest research has found that a pair of unwashed hands may contain hundreds of thousands or even millions of bacteria on the skin, nail grooves and edges of the nail caps. Almost all bacteria that can cause intestinal infectious diseases can be found on the hands. In addition, all kinds of food poisoning, infectious hepatitis, typhoid, cholera, etc. can also be transmitted by hand. In interpersonal communication, shaking hands is a matter of course, but if you face a bank teller, a doctor, a white-collar worker who often uses a computer, someone who has just finished eating or hasn’t washed their hands after going to the toilet, shaking your hand will be full of bacteria! What’s even more frightening is that the majority of people who shake hands with people without washing their hands full of germs are still around us, and it makes me shudder to think about it! Someone even suggested – don’t shake hands with strangers easily! The initiative is extreme and impersonal, but it expresses a good intention.

Therefore, the Health Promotion Bureau of the Ministry of Health of China launched a three-year hand hygiene education program in primary schools this year, with the original intention of It is hoped that through the education of hand hygiene, the incidence of infectious diseases such as hand, foot and mouth will be reduced, but this principle of paying attention to hand hygiene It should be the conscious consensus of each of us. The outbreak rate of contact-transmitted diseases in western developed countries is relatively small. In addition to the strong hygiene awareness of the people, the widespread cleaning equipment plays an important role. In hotels, guesthouses, office buildings and other public places, in addition to faucets, more advanced and more convenient cleaning equipment such as hand sanitizers are very common, and their convenience makes Westerners develop the good habit of cleaning their hands at any time.

With the enhancement of hygiene awareness and the emphasis on hand hygiene, the application of hand sanitizers in China has become more and more socialized and popularized, starting from food factories, pharmaceutical factories, high-cleanness electronic factories and other production fields with strict hygiene requirements into the consumer sector. We firmly believe that hand hygiene will receive more and more attention in China, so we are committed to promoting hand hygiene culture in China.

At present, with cost-effective products and perfect after-sales service, Figo has established a high-end leading position in the industry, and there are more and more products such as hand sanitizers, hand dryers, soap dispensers, ozone machines, and fragrance machines. It has been applied to schools, hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, supermarkets, golf courses, cinemas, fast food restaurants and other places, and has become a leader and conscientious corporate citizen in promoting China’s hand cleaning business.

With the widespread use of products like Feegoo hand sanitizers, Chinese awareness of hand hygiene is quietly building. One Double clean and hygienic hands, benefit yourself, benefit others, shake hands with confidence, and have health!

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Post time: Jul-21-2022