ABS Automatic Hand Sterilizers FG6000

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Material ABS Voltage AC110-130V/AC200-240V/50-60HZ
Power: Less than 25W Capacity: 1500ml
Working temperature: 5-40℃ Spay Amount per Second: 0.6-0.8ml/s
N.W./G.W.: 2.3kgs/3.1kgs Packing: 4pcs/ctn
Product Size: 230x150x375(mm) Packing : 435x480x600(mm)



Infrared induction control, automatic spray sterilization. The machine can be connected with the clean door. Automatic induction disinfection, more convenient and sanitary.The liquid output volume of the machine can be manually controlled and selected, which makes it more reasonable and convenient for us to choose the appropriate adjustment.

Appearance Design

humanized appearance design, fashionable and beautiful.,enhancing artistic delicacy of life.The delicate and simple appearance is in keeping with our modern eye.Fashionable streamlined dustproof design, easy to clean, but also in line with GMP, HACCP, QS requirements

Special components

The original observation window allows users to keep acquaintance of the stock of disinfectants in the fluid reservoir. specially designed components allow the liquid level to be clearly observed.Can let us find out in time the amount of liquid shortage, timely supplement, to bring us more convenience.

Special components

Customers can automatically adjust the amount of liquid according to their needs, is a humanized setting, some people need the amount of large, you can operate, simple and convenient.This is an environmentally friendly product

Product applicability

Suitable for quick hand disinfection of production personnel, easy to operate

Improve production personnel hand disinfection compliance, reduce the difficulty of management

Can shorten the production personnel hand cleaning time, improve production efficiency

It can save disinfectant and reduce the cost of disinfection

Suitable for all kinds of food processing/production and drug production enterprises to use, effectively ensure food/drug production safety

Detachable Nozzle

Easy to clean and prevent nozzle clogging.Every week can be used to clean the container, from the root of cross-infection, continuous sterilization, for the continuous use of many people.


Detachable Nozzle

Easy to clean and prevent nozzle clogging.


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Simple Installation

Drill three holes in the wall, rotate the screw, and the machine can hang on the screw.

Easy operation

can adjust the size of spray.

Can adjust the sensing distance


Visual Transparent Window Design

Can easily see the amount of liquid in the machine and add liquid in time.



Simple Way Of Adding Liquid

open the  cover, open the silicone cover,  can directly add liquid.

Double lids protect alcohol from volatilization

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